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Govt to develop link between FBR and NADRA for data sharing

The Prime Minister’s Adviser on Finance and Revenue, Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh said Thursday that the link between the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) and the Federal Office of Revenue (FBR) for data sharing and data analysis is being formed and that a subgroup of members will be formed to point out and identify problems. for clarification, which hinders the progress of the data exchange between Nadra and FBR.

This decision was made by the advisor who chaired the second meeting of the FBR Policy Board.The subgroup consisting of Hammad Azhar, Dr. Ishrat Hussain, Faiz Kamoka, Chairman of FBR and Chairman Nadra will share their report with the Chairman in a week.

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Sources told Business Recorder on Thursday that FBR had informed the FBR Policy Board that it had provided Nadra with a list of 100,000 Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) numbers of unregistered individuals for data enrichment to expand the tax base. However, Nadra has not yet commented on the use of 100,000 CNICs from unregistered people. Nadra had to link these 100,000 CNICs to their family tree database and make all data available to FBR for further processing and extension of the tax base.

During recent meetings between FBR and Nadra, the Agency requested FBR for data from third parties, including property / land data, vehicle / delivery information, telecommunications, bank / stock exchange data, etc. For analysis / calculation of the tax liability of tax evaders / card carriers.

According to sources, Nadra officials had repeatedly met with tax authorities to access third-party data managed by FBR to build mathematical models, analyze data, and determine the predictable tax liability of tax evaders and short-term taxpayers. Files using artificial intelligence (AI).

Nadra has requested data from FBR, including travel data, telecommunication data, ownership / delivery data, credit card data, bank data, vehicle data and other data such as registrations in land registers, etc.

This data is available with information from external suppliers of FBR, which is stored in FBR’s own databases.

However, during a press conference on 9 September, the Tax Authorities categorically stated that FBR does not pass on data from third party information to Nadra, as the transfer of data is prohibited under the Income Tax Act. “FBR cannot provide information to Nadra for analysis or other purposes because the Income Tax Act does not allow tax information to be disclosed to third parties,” said Asim Ahmed, a member of FBR’s Information Technology (IT) division.

Nadra is a service provider and we cannot share taxpayers’ information with the service provider under the provisions of the income tax law, said FBR IT member.

He said once Nadra integrates its data into FBR it will be able to charge a minimal fee as a service provider, but the exact fee will not be determined until a MoU is signed.

The FBR Tax Policy Council subgroup would consult both parties in detail and make the final decision in this regard, sources said.

The adviser also pointed out the difficulties experienced by traders as a result of blocking containers at the Torkham border.

Members’ customs said the necessary steps have been taken and the issue will be resolved in the coming weeks.Syed Javed shared his recommendations on Pral and announced that CEO Pral has been appointed.

The next Policy Board meeting will take place later this month and the Policy Board ToRs will be submitted for approval.Hammad Azhar and Abdullah Yousaf are preparing the aforementioned.

The chair of the FBR informed the advisor about the institute’s efforts to improve human resources skills and expertise and about the progress in the automation of FBR / Customs.

The consultant was also briefed on the measures taken and the future course to improve the skills and competences of his staff by offering various internal and foreign training courses to improve management skills and introduce a culture of performance incentives including promotions.

The chairman of the FBR also briefed the consultant on the work on the IRIS (software) side to combine different application platforms into one platform, improving efficiency and performance. It will be a technological sequel

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