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How to use FBR Maloomat and Tax Profiling system

The Federal Revenue Board (FBR) and the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) have set up a web portal that allows Pakistanis to view the list of declared assets and download information for documentation and registration.

The portal offers the following services that you can use to verify your asset information online.

  • FBR tax profiling system.
  • FBR Asset Request System (FBR Maloomat)

The web portal created by FBR and NADRA collects your data from official sources to calculate your wealth. As long as you are a Pakistani citizen, you can see the information anywhere in the world.

Verification criteria for access to the information

  • Pakistani citizen with a valid CNIC or NICOP
  • Age over 18 years oldCitizens living in Pakistan must have a PTA registered mobile number
  • Overseas Pakistanis must have a valid email address

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Fee for availing the service

Charges PKR 500 via NADRA e-Sahulat or your credit / debit card

How to use FBR Tax Profiling system

  • Land on the FBR Tax Profiling system from here
  • Create your account by entering your valid CNIC number in the appropriate field, followed by the computer generated verification code and clicking “Submit”.
  • Pay the registration fee through your credit / debit card or through a nearby NADRA e-Sahulat franchise.
  • On the portal you will also find a drop-down list of e-Sahulat branches in the city

After making the payment, you can view the following information:

  • Estimated file status.
  • NTN number.
  • Total income.
  • Tax paid.
  • Net asset.
  • swithholding tax.
  • SIM card Number.
  • Vehicle information.
  • Gun license.
  • Executive services.
  • Passport travel information.

How to use NADRA Maloomat portal

Here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to perform an FBR asset check via the board’s web portal.

Visit the official FBR Maloomat website
Use your registered mobile phone number to send your CNIC number to 9966


Select the “Get Login Request / Password for Asset Request (Free)” tab above. Then enter your CNIC number and name, select a suitable prefix, select the current service provider and enter your mobile number in the appropriate fields. Make sure the phone number you enter in the portal is registered in your name.

Once you are logged into the FBR Asset Inquiry System, several tabs will appear. Select a tab there and click “Load data” to view your relevant data.

You can see the following information when checking your assets with FBR:

  • Withholding tax.
  • vehicles information.
  • National and International Travel history
  • Utilities with invoice amount.

The details of the properties on your behalf FBR regularly updates the asset information on its portal. Therefore, you should visit the portal regularly to see updated data.

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