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Shafqat Mehmood announced Regular School Opening despite Covid-19 cases

Pakistan announced this week that it would relax a number of coronavirus restrictions, including lifting deadlines for commercial activities, allowing dining in restaurants from March 15, and resuming regular five-day classes in schools from March 1.

Pakistan registered 1,361 news cases on Thursday, bringing the total COVID-19 infection to 575,941 and killing 12,772.

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Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood said on Thursday that regular classes in schools will resume from March 1. “Important notice. All schools will be back in regular 5-day classes from Monday, March 1,” he said on Twitter.

“In some major cities, schools only have staggered classes restrictions until February 28. coronavirus situation.

“The deadline for commercial activities and theme parks has been lifted. 50% of home work has been canceled,” the NCOC said. “Indoor wedding ceremonies are allowed from March 15-21 Indoor dinners from March 15th, subject to revision on March 10.

” The NCOC also allowed movie theaters and shrines to reopen with coronavirus guidelines starting March 15. “The use of masks, social distance and smart locks will be continued and guaranteed,” said the body.

It was said that pool matches would be allowed in the Pakistani Super League with 50% spectators, while “full participation” would be allowed in the semi-finals and finals of the tournament. The NCOC added that these rules can be revised and revised if necessary.

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