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Club Cricket Registration deadline extended by PCB over low applications

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has decided to extend the Club Cricket Registration deadline because of low applications.

The bad reaction from clubs across the country has forced the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to extend the club’s registration deadline to April 8.

Although PCB stated in a press release on Monday that the clubs’ response was encouraging, with 1,362 applications for registration and two days to go to the March 24 deadline, the deadline has been extended to April 8.

When comparing the number of 1362 with the number of clubs represented in the last Fazal Mahmood Cup organized by PCB in 2018, the result was 3,147 with 2,182 active clubs and 965 inactive clubs.

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This means that more than 59 percent of the clubs participating in the Fazal Mahmood Cup do not have to register yet.

A former PCB official under anonymity told Dawn that half of the clubs in the 2018 Fazal Mahmood Cup had been classified as hoaxes. Although they attended the event, they did not have a network training system.

The former officer added that the fake clubs had been identified and a list of them was available on the circuit board.

At this point, it should be mentioned that the Acting Director General of PCB, Junaid Zia, was also involved in the organization of the 2018 Fazal Mahmood Cup.

“Junaid Zia needs to know the list of clubs that have been identified as fraudulent. I am afraid that if the clubs are not investigated before they are approved, the majority of these [fake] clubs will be registered and even take precedence over real clubs in municipal affairs, ”he said.

Meanwhile, the high rates that the PCB has set for club registration and voting, as well as some unnatural conditions for them, such as a state tax number (NTN), a bank account, and one online system for applying for registration, have kept the reasons for the poor response from the clubs.

It can be mentioned that due to inadequate guidelines, the PCB has suspended club cricket and district / city cricket for two years and has now decided to open a register for clubs.

Several officials involved in club cricket have spoken out against the club’s registration process.

It will take almost another year to complete the municipal elections for the cricket federation, meaning the full three-year election term for the incumbent PCB led by Ehsan Mani and Chairman Wasim Khan will end without the domestic structure under the new constitution for the board becomes functional.

In addition, the online registration mode can also cause problems as all clubs operating in remote areas of Pakistan may not have computer and internet facilities in major cities such as Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Faisalabad or Rawalpindi.

The PCB press release released Monday also indicated that clubs are in trouble and need clarity in the registration process.

“This significant number of requests made in the past four days is due to the meeting of the board officials with various club delegations from different parts of the country.

During these meetings, the club owners looked for clarity and explanation, first of all about the registration process and about some articles in the model constitution, ”according to the press release.

The press release goes on to say, “Since the two-week online registration process began on March 10, the PCB has received more than 1,362 requests that are currently being examined by the PCB.

In the next stage of the application process, successful club presidents will receive another online link to their registered email address, which they can use to submit additional membership and player category information.

“The decision to extend the deadline was made in response to requests from a large number of club owners who are in the process of completing their requirements, based on 862 online registrations in the past four days.” added the version of the circuit board.

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