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Pakistan records local mobiles production in just two months

As last year Pakistan started locally assembled Mobiles production and Pakistan produced 1.2 million locally assembled mobile phones in just start of the year 2021.

Pakistan’s mobile phone collection segment grew by leaps and bounds, producing 1.21 million mobile phones in just two months (January and February) by 2021, While mobile phone smuggling declined significantly.

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In 2019, the performance was significantly higher than just 119,639 mobile phones in total.

According to a statement by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) on Wednesday, the introduction of the Device Identification, Registration and Lockout System (DIRBS) in 2019 has led to a significant increase in legal imports of mobile devices.

Mobile manufacturing plants in Pakistan

It also helped set up more than 33 mobile device assembly plants in Pakistan, it said. “After the introduction of DIRBS, these facilities produced more than 25 million mobile devices, including 4G smartphones,” the PTA said.

“Following the successful implementation of the system, the local assembly segment evolved from childhood to adulthood with significant growth in the local smartphone collection.”

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Given the massive impact of DIRBS, the government has implemented a comprehensive mobile manufacturing policy to attract international manufacturers to set up their factories in the country.

The PTA emphasized that it recently enacted the Mobile Device Manufacturing (MDM) rules, introducing a variety of manufacturing applications for mobile devices.

“This initiative will help create more jobs in this technology sector and enable consumers to purchase locally manufactured mobile devices,” the report said.

It was noted that Pakistan made the distinction between the implementation of the world’s first fully developed open-source DIRBS.

The Authority emphasized that DIRBS can identify all international mobile device identities (IMEIs) associated with Pakistani mobile networks and categorize them according to their compliance status.

Recently, the telecommunications sector has made a significant contribution to the Pakistani economy as its share of the treasury grew by 129% in 2020 compared to 2019, despite economic pressure from Covid-19.

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